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Why can’t request the zinc film thickness for HDG gratings blindly

                                      Why can’t request the zinc film thickness for HDG gratings blindly

     Anticorrosion property of galvanized steel gratings depends on the zinc film thickness. Clients can choose freely zinc film thickness more than or less than standard.

But as for a smooth and thin grating plate that the thickness lower 3mm, it is very difficult to obtain thicker zinc film in industrial production.

     Moreover, it affects the adhesion between zinc coating and base material as well as the quality of zinc coating appearance if the zinc film is not proportionate with

steel grating thickness. Too thick zinc coating will cause the appearance rough, peeling easily. At the same time, the zinc coating damage easily when the steel gratings

are handling and installation process. Besides, it is difficult to obtain thinner zinc coating in industrial production if the raw material contains more active element Silicon

and Phosphorus. The reason is that the silicon content in steel affects the growth mode of alloy layer between zinc and iron, will make the phase zinc and iron rapid

growth and will be on the surface of the coating, resulting in rough surface of the coating, the formation of poor adhesion of dark coating. When the bearing bar

thickness of steel gratings aren’t less than 5mm, the average zinc film weight is not less than 610g/sqm after galvanization; conversely, the average zinc coating weight

is not not less than 460g/sqm. This because the black gratings surface will be removed the rust layer after pickling, the bearing bar thickness do not increase after

galvanized. Clients should take note of this point, and do not take it as a standard whether it meet requirements.

    The quality of zinc coating for steel gratings affects their working life directly , it is also a concern for clients. Usually, the quality of zinc coating is as per ASTM A123, ISO1461

and GB/T 13912. Due to the zinc coating quality is according to bearing bar thickness of steel gratings. In addition, the zinc coating also are affected by steel gratings size

and thickness, so kindly customers do not request the zinc coating thickness to be higher or lower than a standard blindly.


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