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Hualian Steel Structure

Hualian Steel Structure

Application of Different Specification of Steel Gratings in Various Fields

                                            Application of Different Specification of Steel Gratings in Various Fields

1. Galvanized heavy duty steel gratings are formed with bearing bars from 65 x 5mm to 200 x 20mm. Which are widely used for large freight yards,

wharf, coal mine, roads and bridges, etc. Besides, the large truck can also go through smoothly.

2.  The steel gratings with bearing bar pitch 40mm are most economics and lightest. If use for an occasion with small span, it is the most ideal option.

3.  HDG steel gratings with space 60 x 50mm are usually appointed to use for the processing plant of mining industry, because it can avoid mineral

splashing on the panels.

4. In industry field, steel gratings of bearing bar pitch 30mm are most widely used variety. Compared with other popular gratings, it has the strongest

resistance to surface impact.

5. I type steel gratings have light weight and heavy load, it is suitable for various places, especially walkways, visiting platforms, etc.


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