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Hualian Steel Structure

Hualian Steel Structure

Product name

19W4 Mild Steel Bar Grating

Product description

19W4 Mild Steel Bar Grating Introduction

19w4 is the steel grating mesh size described as per America Standard. It means that the bearing bar pitch is 19/16 (1-3/16)inch which is approximately equal to 30mm, and the cross bar pitch is 4inch which is approximately equals to 100mm. Therefore, 19w4 steel bar grating is same as steel gratings with mesh size 30x100mm. It is regular type in Chinese Market, and it can be press welded by machine directly.

19W4 Mild Steel Bar Grating Application

19W4 Mild Steel Bar Gratings are widely used for platform walkways flooring in power plant,boiler,paper making machines,coating equipments,oil and gas projects,offshore/onshore projects, etc. 


We have specialized engineers who can design the economical steel grating's specifications according to your load capacity requirement, as well as design the size and shape for each piece of steel grating according to your support structure drawings with the purpose for the convenience of installation and production. 

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