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Hualian Steel Structure

Hualian Steel Structure

We supplied part of steel gratings for "Blue Whale I"

1. Brief Introduction of "Blue Whale I" Deepwater semi-submersible drilling platform.

The "Blue Whale I" Deepwater semi-submersible drilling platform length is 117 meters, width is 92.7 meters and height is 118 meters,

the maximum operating depth is 3658 meters, the maximum drilling depth is 15240 meters, it is the deepest of operating and drilling semi-submersible drilling platform.

It is appropriate for worldwide deep ocean work. The "Blue Whale I" is the most advanced ultra-deepwater drilling platform in the world,

it takes the mission of exploitation of combustible ice and it has completed the trial operation sucessfully in 18th May 2017.

2. The specification of the steel gratings we supplied for "Blue Whale I"

The Model Number of the steel grating: G325/30/100S

Bearing bar types: Serrated bearing bar load bar, it can improve the anti-skid performance.

Surface treatment: Hot dip galvanization, it is in strict accordance with China National Standard GB/T13912-2002 to be galvanized, the average zinc thickness is 70um.

Band bar welding method: Double side full welded.


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