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Why is it necessary to lay a large number of steel gratings for the car wash?

Why is it necessary to lay a large number of steel gratings for the car wash?


We can see the laying of steel gratings in many places now, especially the steel gratings in the car wash room. However, some people are not very clear about why so many car washes have to be laid. Next, let me tell you why steel gratings should be laid in the car wash.


With the continuous increase in the number of cars in our country, people's demand for car washing is also increasing. In the past, when the car was washed, the vehicle was parked directly on the flat ground. After the car was washed, a large beach of water marks would be left. If the business is good, a large beach of water will be formed in a while, bringing pedestrians on the road.


Nowadays, most car washes are carried out indoors, and a layer of steel grating is spread on the ground. What is the reason?


  1. There are a large number of mesh holes on the surface of the steel grating, so there will be no water on the surface.


When the staff is washing the car, they don’t need to wear boots or splash them on the body. The sewage from the car wash flows directly into the underground sewer through the grid, which is very convenient and avoids the trouble of large amounts of water on the ground. At the same time, people no longer have to worry about cold water soaking clothes and shoes when washing cars in winter.


After washing the car on flat ground in winter, the water will flow onto the highway, and it will freeze quickly at the same time, which can easily cause traffic accidents.


  1. Super bearing capacity


The steel grating is made of thick steel plate and twisted steel by pressure welding, which can carry several tons of heavy pressure per square meter without fear of the weight of the car.


  1. Very long life


The surface of the steel grating has been hot-dip galvanized, which has very strong corrosion resistance, and can reach a life of 20 years even in a humid environment.


The steel grating looks unconventional, neat and beautiful


  1. Beautiful and easy to maintain


The surface of the hot-dip galvanized steel grating has many regular meshes, and the surface is bright silver-white, which is very beautiful. It is not easy to adhere to stains on the surface. Even if there is soil, it will flow to it only by flushing with water. In the sewer, it is as bright as new after washing.


The above is about the relevant content of the steel grating, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


This is the important reason why we have to lay so many steel gratings in the car wash room. After reading the above content, everyone should be clear.

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