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Hualian Steel Structure

Hualian Steel Structure

How to calculate steel grating weight theoretically

Steel Grating Weight Calculation Process

Firstly, we need to confirm the steel grating’s length and width, the length of steel grating is from

the bearing bar direction whether the actual length is shorter or longer. And the width of steel

grating is from the cross bar direction. No matter what the shape the steel grating is, it is cut from

the rectangle shape, so we can confirm the largest length and width of every piece of steel



Then we need to count how many pieces of bearing bars, and how many pieces of cross bars,

banding bars, etc. used in one piece of steel gratings.

Besides, the bearing bar size (height * thickness), cross bar size, banding bar size (usually same

as bearing bar for closing the ends of steel gratings), etc. are known.

Finally, we need to add these data into the formula:

Bearing bar height*Bearing bar thickness*Bearing bar length*Bearing bar quantity*Density(7850

for mild steel)*Galvanization coefficient (1.06 )=weight of all bearing bars.

In this way, we can calculate all of the bearing bar weight, cross bar weight, banding bar weight,

etc.  Add them together, we can get the theoretical weight of one piece of steel gratings.

For example:



In this steel grating panel, the length (bearing bar direction) is 1000mm, width is 575mm, and

there is a semicircle open cut closed by 110x6mm kickplate.

Details as belowing:

Mesh size: 30x100mm;

Bearing size: 25x5mm (known);

The bearing bar length=total length – banded bar thickness*2=1000-5-5=990mm;

Bearing bar quantity= (total width-bearing bar thickness)/bearing bar picth+1=(575-5)/30+1=20 pieces;

Cross bar size: 6x6mm twisted rod;

Cross bar length = Width=575mm;

Cross bar quantity=Length/cross bar pitch=1000/100=10 pieces.

Banding bar size: 25x5mm

Banding bar length: 575mm+525mm+80mm+50mm=1230mm

Banding bar quantity= here we make 1 pieces with length 1230mm, actually it is consisted  of 4

pieces with length 575mm, 525mm, 80mm and 50mm.

Kickplate size: 110x6mm

Kickplate arc length: 280mm

steel grating weight

Herewith,theoretical weight of this steel grating is 25.13Kgs.


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