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Hualian Steel Structure

Hualian Steel Structure

Grinding - An important detail in the producing of steel gratings.

Nowadays in China, most of the manufacturers of steel gratings are neglecting the importance of grinding.

Firstly,the steel gratings will looks more beautiful after grinding, showing visual aesthetics.

Secondly, the steel gratings can be galvanized better after grinding.If the welding spatter stay on the gratings, or the welding joint is not smooth,then after galvanization, there will be much zinc metallurgical slag, and the thickness of the zinc film will be uneven. It will short the service life of the HDG steel gratings.

As we can see from the above picture,we usually weld the external angles rather than the inner angle for the banding bars.In this way,there will be no gap after welding and grinding.

Besides welding external angles, we grind every cross bar head which was cut by the cutting machine to be glossy,look likes the mirror.

Before the steel gratings being put into the acid pool and zinc pool, grinding is a very important step. We have skilled workers and professional tools to grind every piece of steel gratings perfect.

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